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Transform your space with our Bespoke Paint-Spraying Service

Property transformations have never been easier! Flawless finishes without hassle or high costs.

spray painting services

At Bespoke Coating, we can provide a range of spray coatings, colours, and finishes to a broad variety of substrates – there are no limits. With our personalised spray painting services, customers across Javea and nearby areas enjoy flawless finishes. We’re passionate about sustainability, transforming your existing furniture and fittings to align with your vision for your dream home or workplace. We really believe in what we say: “Don’t replace, respray.” With an array of specialised spray painting services, there really is something for every home or commercial property.



Did you know that by respraying your kitchen you can save up to 80% compared to a new one? Your kitchen should be a room to be proud of in your house, give it a facelift and make your kitchen look brand new again.


There is nothing like relaxing in a well-designed bathroom, unfortunately, it can be one of the first rooms in the house to begin to look a little worn. Avoid your bathroom looking old and dated without the stress of a remodel.


Transform any and every kind of furniture, both domestically and commercially, with our specialist bespoke coating. Experience the difference of our spray painting service and redefine your spaces.


Whether it’s built-in or freestanding, upgrade your interior with our wardrobe spray painting service. Say goodbye to costly purchases and embrace the ease of a hassle-free spray-painted renovation.


From dull flooring to vibrant tiles, transform your interior with our flooring and tile solutions. Our spray painting service grants you the opportunity to elevate your floors and tiles into luxurious surfaces.

And Much More...

If you can dream it, we can spray it! Our service turns your imagination into reality, offering limitless possibilities for transforming surfaces with precision and creativity. From custom designs to unique finishes.

Bespoke Spray Granite

Spray granite is extremely versatile and can be used for any project. The spray granite system is the ultimate solution for external house renovations thanks to its fantastic anti-cracking, hard-wearing and waterproof properties. It can be used as an alternative to rendering, painting and even cladding. Fast-drying, non-toxic and odour-free qualities make the product ideal for internal projects such as feature walls, kitchen worktops and units, fireplace areas and stairs. Perfect for all types of flooring either decorative or hard-wearing garage floors. Cheaper alternative to actual granite but with high durability and a luxurious look.

Bespoke Coating is Spain’s only accredited installer of Spray Granite. Our bespoke services are tailored to your needs and cater to the slightly more “out of the ordinary” jobs that require a little more planning and attention.

About Us

Bespoke Coating may be a relatively new company in Spain but it is built off the back of over 10 years of experience in the UK. A time that allowed us to train, learn and grow in our craft. Now working from our newly opened workshop in Gata de Gorgos we cannot wait to create incredible spaces in the homes of the Costa Blanca. Our staff are fully insured and offer a clean, conscientious, and friendly service to each and every client.

We believe in sustainability and love to upcycle; why waste perfectly good cabinets, worktops, or wardrobes in your home when you can respray them and save money?


All of our products are top-tier quality. Accredited providers of Spray Granite and collaborators with renowned brands, excellence is our hallmark.


No surprises! We will quote the work from the beginning, be clear and concise about timescales and costs involved in the services we provide.


We have dedicated over a decade of our lives to this trade. We love what we do and you can rely on our high standards to deliver the best service, every time.


We are fully insured and take the utmost care while in your property. The transportation of furniture or items to spray is done with the utmost attention.

Bespoke Coating 5 Stars

Alison Sheridan

“My tired-looking kitchen has been completely revamped I’m so happy with the results from the respray looks like a new kitchen and I am saving myself so much money not having to replace Bespoke Coating are reliable and professional service. Malachy was friendly and approachable and outlined the total cost of the service and went to the time frame specified I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of replacing a kitchen or looking to freshen up at home thank you Bespoke Coating.”


First, our team arrives at your location to carefully collect the items designated for spray painting. We handle each piece with the utmost attention to prevent any damage.
we take the next step by transporting your items to our local workshop. Here, our skilled staff ensure each piece is sprayed to perfection with precision and care.
Once the transformation is complete, we carefully transport the items back to your location. Our focus remains on safeguarding each piece throughout the journey.
Upon return, we fit each item into its rightful place. Our team conducts a comprehensive quality check to ensure everything meets our high standards and your expectations.


How long does it take to respray items?

It can vary by the amount of items we need to respray but as a general rule, it takes a day to prepare and spray and then 24 hours to dry / cure. In total most projects will take a week to complete.

Does spraying make a mess in my home?

No, we take away all items for spraying to our workshop. This means there is no danger of spillages or accidents in your home.

How long does the spray last?

We offer a 10-year guarantee.

What can be sprayed?

Pretty much anything. For example:

Tiled Floors, Walls, Feature Walls, Worktops, Outside of Buildings, Wet Rooms, Cupboards / Wardrobes, Bathrooms, Kitchens
and much more…

What is Spray Granit?

Fast drying, odour-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, advanced technology to create a realistic imitation stone effect.

What is the application process of Spray Granit?

We first prepare a sub-base and then roll on a primer to the item for spraying. Once this is complete we roll on a hydro paint coating followed by spraying of the main material. Once these are completed we finally Roll on a top coat to finalise the work.

What colours are available of Spray Granite?

We offer a variety of colours for Spray Granite, these can be seen on our services pages, it is also available in matte, high-gloss or satin finishes.

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